CONEL Electric Chain Winders (Actuators)

Conel Actuator Winder Discontinued

‘Conel’ Electric Chain Winders are now discontinued by the manufacturer.  There is very little or no stock available anywhere in Australia

Contact us at Progressive Controls for other options.

Progressive Controls have been in the Window opening business since 1976 and offer a selection of Electric & Manual Window Openers.

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To enable us to assist you best, please provide the following information:
Note: A ‘Window’ often consists of one of more Fixed and/or Opening Sashes – it is the quantity of opening sashes and the switching groups we need to know, as well as their sizes.

Awning / Casement sashes:

  1.   Quantity of opening sashes
  2.   Type of opening sash    Awning or Casement
  3.   Dimensions   Height ….….. mm    x   Width ……… mm
  4.   Switching Groups


a.       Four
b.      Awning sashes
c.      800mm High    x   1200mm Wide
d      1 Group of 3  
        1 Group of 1

In regard to Controls for Louvres we require as much information as you are able to provide


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