Conel Electric Chain Winder Repairs


It may be possible for our technicians to repair your Conel Electric Chain Winder!

If you have been unable to replace your Conel Chain Winder (either the Stand-Alone or the Keypad models) and you are considering replacing 1 or 2 out of a bank of 4 or so (or more) winders, call us and ask about repair.  It might be cheaper to repair than to replace!

Conel Electric Chain Winder for awing windows

Repairing electric chain winders is seldom considered.  We live in an age where the habit is to discard.  It is possible to repair many Conel winders though.  You do not have to throw away the old and purchase a completely new system.  Ship it to us for inspection.  Click here to email us your question.  If your electric chain winder is repairable, we’ll repair it (approximate repair costs may range from $120 – $190 + freight + GST if the repair is possible).  If your electric chain winder is not repairable, we’ll let you know and offer to return it to you (you pay the postage) or we can dispose of it.  The turn-around-time for this service is not fast.  It could take up to 4 weeks.  We will send the units back to you via Australia Post or by Courier if there are multiple units.

We are not charging to inspect & test your electric chain winder.
We will repair it if possible.  If we can repair it, then we invoice you and once paid, we send your repaired Conel Electric Chain Winder to you.

Alternatively, you are welcome to browse our online shop (click here) or call our sales team today on 1300 694 283 to talk about other stand-alone electric chain winders (click here) or complete awning window opener systems (e.g. Lockwood’s Elevation system).




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Door Closers | Pivot Door Closers  |  Floor Springs  |  Overhead (Transom) Concealed Closers

NHN – a World Leader on Door Closer Technology
NHN 80 Series Variable Power Door Closers – Click for brochure

  • Regular Arm
  • Parallel Arm
  • Hold-Open Arm
  • Hold-Open Parallel Arm
  • Slide Arm
  • Hold-Open Slide Arm
  • Variable Power    83V  2-3-4    |    85V 4-5-6   |   87V  6-7

 NHN Pivot Door Closers Click for brochure

  • Pivot Door Closer for Toughened Glass
  • Pivot Door Closer for Timber Door

We also distribute

  • Overhead (Transom) Closers,  Non-Hold-Open
  • Overhead (Transom) Closers,  Hold-Open
  • Floor Springs
  • GEZE Door Closers & Floor Springs

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Unique & Whitco Sash Balances.

Progressive Controls [PC] stock a wide range of Sash Balances, so if you require balances for your new windows or to replace some in existing windows PC can assist you with your requirements.  More info will be available on this site in early 2015

Balances for New Windows:

More later

Replacement Balances for Timber and Aluminium windows:

Most sash balances in timber windows have a number stamped on the metal ’foot’, this foot may have been painted however a careful scrape with an appropriate tool should uncover that number. If that fails then measure the length and diameter of the ‘OUTER TUBE’.

There are three main diameters and colours:

Window type:                

Timber       Stock colour                           Aluminium          Stock colour

14mm        Grey                                           12.5mm              Black

                                                                         9.5mm               White   

Note: It is generally practical to replace balances on both sides at the same time

Our main website:        Call us on    (02) 6280 4655


CONEL Electric Chain Winders (Actuators)


Conel Actuator Winder Discontinued

‘Conel’ Electric Chain Winders are now discontinued by the manufacturer.  There is very little or no stock available anywhere in Australia

Contact us at Progressive Controls for other options.

Progressive Controls have been in the Window opening business since 1976 and offer a selection of Electric & Manual Window Openers.

Our websites are being upgraded in December 2014 and into 2015 meanwhile please contact us at

To enable us to assist you best, please provide the following information:
Note: A ‘Window’ often consists of one of more Fixed and/or Opening Sashes – it is the quantity of opening sashes and the switching groups we need to know, as well as their sizes.

Awning / Casement sashes:

  1.   Quantity of opening sashes
  2.   Type of opening sash    Awning or Casement
  3.   Dimensions   Height ….….. mm    x   Width ……… mm
  4.   Switching Groups


a.       Four
b.      Awning sashes
c.      800mm High    x   1200mm Wide
d      1 Group of 3  
        1 Group of 1

In regard to Controls for Louvres we require as much information as you are able to provide


The NHN PDC100W Series Pivot Door Closers incorporate the latest cam-type technology


The NHN Pivot Door Closers are setting the standard for ease of installation, quality components and excellence in design.  Please watch the short video below to learn more.

These door closers utilise the latest cam-type technology.  They are suitable for double-action doors, a maximum of 1250mm wide (the 105 series) and a maximum weight of 100kg.  Installations are quick & easy due to their design, i.e. no preparation on the floor is needed, thanks to the easily adjusted closing speed via two independent adjustment valves.  They come with a 5-year guarantee against faulty workmanship.  We find that these units sell well, especially to our trade customers who have used them before and have discovered the ease of use and reliability of the product for themselves.

The NHN PDC100W Series for framed doors comes in a couple of variants:

The NHN PDC100S Series for Frame-less Glass doors is also available, in the following models:

NHN PDC100W Framed Door Pivots Door Closers      NHN PDC100S Frame-less Glass Pivot Door Closer

So, go ahead and buy the model you need (click here) or share this information with a friend.

Door Closers with a 10 Year ‘No Quibble’ Warranty

Door Closers Online distributes/sells Door Closers with a 10 Year ‘No Quibble’ Warranty across Australia from our Canberra Warehouse.

NHN has long been recognised as a world leading brand.  The NHN 80 series caters for doors from 850mm wide to 1600mm wide and door weights from 40 to 140kg

nhn 83

Regular Arm     ¦      Hold-Open Arm      ¦      Slide Arm

All three options are available from
All the 80 Series are Non-Handed and are suitable for most timber & aluminium doors.

N.B.  Regular arm pictured in above image.  Slide Arm also available.