The NHN PDC100W Series Pivot Door Closers incorporate the latest cam-type technology


The NHN Pivot Door Closers are setting the standard for ease of installation, quality components and excellence in design.  Please watch the short video below to learn more.

These door closers utilise the latest cam-type technology.  They are suitable for double-action doors, a maximum of 1250mm wide (the 105 series) and a maximum weight of 100kg.  Installations are quick & easy due to their design, i.e. no preparation on the floor is needed, thanks to the easily adjusted closing speed via two independent adjustment valves.  They come with a 5-year guarantee against faulty workmanship.  We find that these units sell well, especially to our trade customers who have used them before and have discovered the ease of use and reliability of the product for themselves.

The NHN PDC100W Series for framed doors comes in a couple of variants:

The NHN PDC100S Series for Frame-less Glass doors is also available, in the following models:

NHN PDC100W Framed Door Pivots Door Closers      NHN PDC100S Frame-less Glass Pivot Door Closer

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